· Military / Aerospace / Space / Industrial / Commercial application
Passive Components

Isolators & Circulators (Stripline / Microstrip/
   Coaxial Waveguide/ Lumped Element)
Filters, Duplexers & Triplexers
Splitters, Combiners & Power Dividers
Coaxial Adapters,
Coaxial Terminations and loads
Coaxial Fixed and variable ATT
Bias Tee / Waveguide Components



Oscillators & Amplifiers & Synthesizers
Frequency Standards / Pin Diode Switches
Comb Generators
Up and Down Converters / Detectors
Phase Shifters / Mixers
RF Test Solutions


Telecom Systems

Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)
Low Noise Block Downconverters
Block Up Converters (BUC),
Block Down Converters (BDC)
Up Converters (UC),
Down Converters (DC)
Beacon Tracking Receivers
Digital TV Transmitters
VHF (FM band) Broadcast Transmitters